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All Dreamers Welcome In Downtown Sacramento

Dreaming of Opening A Business In Downtown Sacramento

Downtown Sacramento is the spot for entrepreneurs who bring innovation and development to the Sacramento area. Numerous unique and successful small businesses form the foundation of a vibrant and active downtown. The scope and breadth of small businesses in Downtown Sacramento truly enrich this vibrant downtown area and make Sacramento a wonderful place to live and work. Downtown Sacramento is filled with theater, art, culture, fashion and history. Kristina Reed recalls that “Being an active part of the innovation and growth of Downtown Sacramento was important to me when I selected Downtown Sacramento as the location to launch the Law Office of Kristina M. Reed in 2008. My passion is to provide entrepreneurs with quality legal services at rates that their emerging businesses can afford – helping someone’s dream become a reality and grow into a successful business is the most rewarding service that I can provide to my community. ”

The Law Office of Kristina M. Reed is proud and excited to take part in the latest opportunity for small business growth in Downtown Sacramento by providing legal services to the winner of the Dreamers. Welcome. Competition. “Helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by providing an innovative small business the foundation needed for success is the exact reason that I opened the Law Office of Kristina M. Reed” says Kristina Reed. Winners of this Competition receive a prize package worth $125,000 to open their businesses in Downtown Sacramento.

For more information on the Competition: Dreamers. Welcome. Competition.