Google Creates New Tools for Startups

Google, Inc. is always on the cutting edge of enhancing and simplifying the internet experiences of the average computer user. Sometimes, however, Google comes up with unique ways to help a certain segment of the population. One such segment, comprised of brand new small business owners, is set to benefit tremendously from a new Google tool: “Google for Entrepreneurs.”Search_Engine_Optimization.jpg

Google realizes that starting and growing a new business venture is not as simple as hiring a small business attorney to prepare the entity formation paperwork. In addition to all the legal issues associated with startup, new business owners will eventually have to tackle marketing, product delivery, and intellectual property rights to transform what may be a solid concept into a viable and profitable business.

Google for Entrepreneurs features a toolbox full of resources. On the marketing front, Google provides a service through which small business owners can launch their very own professional website to market and promote their goods and services. Google+ for Business helps ensure that your particular goods or services are reaching the types of Google users who are most likely to be interested in them. Google AdWords provides a way for your business to promote itself in the side margins of a Google search when the potential customer searches for certain keywords that are similar to or related to the product or service you are trying to sell.

On the product delivery front, Google Apps has a vast array of productivity applications to help streamline your business operations. With a simple download, you and your employees can be armed with the right apps on all hardwired and mobile devices used in day-to-day business. Google also helps entrepreneurs connect with other similarly-situated entrepreneurs through a local Google Business Group and provides entrepreneurship conferences nationwide to help startups share ideas and experiences.

In much the same way, your local Sacramento small business attorney can provide a “toolbox” of legal services to ensure that your business is properly formed, maintained, and in compliance with all applicable laws and local regulations. At the start, a small business lawyer can help prepare all of the entity formation paperwork for filing with the appropriate state agencies. Even before that, your lawyer can arm you with the right information as to which entity type is best for your business model, including any state and federal tax consequences that may arise from using each type.

After startup, the same attorney can help make sure your business is in compliance with all recordkeeping requirements prescribed by the state and federal government. If your business is one that regularly utilizes sales or service contracts, your attorney can make sure the contracts are worded in such a way as to protect the rights of the business and its proprietors. If your business contracts are the subject of a subsequent dispute, the same attorney can help litigate the matter. Finally, your attorney can be a valuable asset in the realms of business licenses, commercial leases, and employment matters. In short, Google isn’t the only “toolbox” at your disposal.

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