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Kristina Reed Appointed to Heald College Paralegal Program Advisory Board

Kristina Reed Appointed As A Heald College Paralegal Program Advisory Board Member

Kristina Reed has been appointed to Heald College’s Paralegal Program Advisory Board. Heald College only invites select legal professionals to serve as Advisory Board members. The Advisory Board assists Heald College with the development of the paralegal program curriculum by recommending additions, revisions or removal of various academic programs. The Advisory Board is instrumental in helping Heald stay abreast of current trends as the practice of law evolves.

“I am honored” says Kristina Reed. “Being a part of a successful education system that adds well qualified professionals to the legal industry is truly amazing. I am proud to offer my experience and assistance.”

Heald College was founded in 1863. Heald’s mission is to prepare students for business careers by providing them with career education that focuses on practical, hands-on learning. Advice and guidance from legal professionals are the building blocks that create a strong foundation for Heald College. By collaborating with select legal professionals, Heald College is able to successfully equip its students by offering a competitive curriculum that focuses on current industry demands.