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Sacramento Real Estate Developers Get Relief From the Ongoing Building Downturn – Governor Brown Signs AB 208 Extending The Expiration Period Under The Subdivision Map Act

Governor Brown announced today that he has signed into law AB 208, extending the expiration period for two years for all tentative and vesting tentative maps that are set to expire between July 15, 2011 and January 1, 2014. AB 208 expands the Subdivision Map Act by creating Government Code section 66452.23, which notes that this two year extension is in addition to all other extensions granted under the Subdivision Map Act (i.e., Government Code Sections 66452.6, 66452.11, 66452.13, 66452.21, 66452.22, and 66463.5). subdivision  map.jpg Property owners and developers should verify the expiration dates of their tentative maps to ensure that the expiration of their maps will be extended by the latest change in the Subdivision Map Act time periods.