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Last month, we discussed the plight of FlightCar, a California car rental startup, currently involved in a lawsuit with the City of San Francisco. The City alleges that FlightCar, which rents out vehicles parked at the San Francisco International Airport by their traveling owners to other airport travelers, is undercutting rental car companies at the airport by acting like a rental car company but ignoring the regulations that govern them. The case of FlightCar highlights the situation facing three other California startup companies involved in the business of “ride sharing.”

What are “Ride Sharing” Companies?

Ride-sharing companies are in the business of providing vehicles-for-hire. The services basically use mobile-phone applications to connect people in need of a ride with everyday drivers. In California, the three largest startup companies providing the service are Uber, Lyft, and SideCar.

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With so many items on the “to do” list, new employees at start ups are often immediately thrown into the fire. Everything seems to move at a quicker pace for new companies, and it is common for employees to simply learn as they go and for problems to be ironed out as they arise. It is natural for new workers at these companies to operate differently than those in large, established companies. However, there may be some basic protocols that even brand new companies should take from their established rivals, like decent employee training. The cost in money and time at the outset often proves to be a lifesaver for new businesses down the road. justice.jpg

Lessons from the Mayor

One of the most high-profile California stories this month involved lawsuits filed against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. As many know, several female staff members recently came forward, claiming that the Mayor engaged in egregious conduct and sxual harassment. The case took on unique legal arguments when Filner’s own attorney argued in a letter to the San Diego attorney, that the city lawyer should defend the suit with public funds, because the city failed to provide the Mayor with sexual harassment training.